Can I Get My Girlfriend’s Call Logs or Call Records Without Taking Her Phone?

It is expectedly difficult to access call records – or any information for that matter – of another person’s mobile phone without having access to their device. However, if you feel it is necessary to do so, for example you think they may be being unfaithful to you, there are a few different ways you can do so. Lastly, if you are certain your concerns are valid, you can hire a private investigator in Melbourne.

Ask Your Partner

The first thing you should do before going any further is ask your partner if you can look at their phone. If they have nothing to hide, they will be more than happy to hand it over. Keep in mind, however, that they may have saved conspicuous numbers under something else, or may regularly delete conversations.

Ask a Friend

While not actually accessing their call records, a different way to test if your partner is unfaithful is to ask a friend – preferably one they do not know – to contact them. Then, you can ask your friend to call or message your partner while you are with them so you can gauge their reaction, as well as being able to see what they talk about, if anything. This way, you do not need to invade their privacy but can see if your doubts or fears have any foundation.

Service Provider Website

If you and your partner are registered on the same carrier account, you can sign into the provider’s website and access the call logs from there. However, if your partner has used a different SIM card for any conspicuous activity, it will not show up on these logs. Also, this will only work if you both use the same account.

It is also possible to view call history through the cell phone provider’s bill. If you know your partner’s account details or you can find them out, you can use them to log into the provider’s website and check the latest itemised bill.


Another option, which is a bit more extreme, is to download a spyware application. Many of these do not require access to the device which you want to track, and have the option to access more than just their call records, e.g. instant messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp and even their GPS. However, looking into another person’s information in this way, without their permission, is not recommended and can even be viewed as an illegal activity. These apps are made for use by parents who wish to keep an eye on their children.

Private Investigators

Private investigators will be happy to help you with a potential infidelity investigation and confirm if your partner really is being unfaithful. This is, of course, a great length to go to and will of course come at a price, depending on who you decide to hire.

Before you go ahead with any of these options, it is important to consider you will be breaching your partner’s privacy. Trust is a crucial factor in a relationship, and you should first ask your partner about the issue if it is bothering you, and trust their response. If the behavior continues, sit them down and explain what is bothering you and why. It is also best to evaluate why you may have these concerns in the first place. A discussion with your partner will always be better than invading their privacy.