How Your Body Reacts to Juice Cleanse?

Everyone has to be health conscious. You need to watch what you eat lest you gain some weight seriously. That’s the reality. Some marketers have taken advantage of this opportunity to market some of their brands on the internet. You will find medical brands online with ridiculous descriptions on how to stay healthy by detoxifying your body. The answer lies in the fruits you ignore as you pass the grocery. Fruits contain compounds and vitamins that can detoxify or cleanse your body. You can check out this video and learn from their opinion.

The primary organ involved in cleansing your body is the liver. That’s why vitamins play an essential role in the cleansing process. Most people prefer an organic juice cleanse, that is to make the juice themselves at home. This is achieved through juicing the fruits. There is a considerable dissimilarity between juicing and blending. Juicing involves removing the pulp or peels and then squeezing the juice. Blending involves mixing everything, the juice, pulp, and other materials. I will be discussing the benefits and potential risks associated with juice cleanses.


Intake of vitamins and anti-oxidants

This is an essential part of consuming juice cleanse. Vitamins play a huge role in our bodies. They are natural anti-oxidants that capture the free radicals in our bodies and the process reduce being exposed to diseases like cancer. Juice cleanses also contain water, by drinking an organic juice cleanse. You are increasing the uptake of water, the result of this is that the body will get rid of excess water and the waste products through urination. This video corroborates this idea. The more you take juice cleanses, the more waste products are removed from your body. This is the cleansing we are talking about.

Lose weight

When you gain weight, it means the body is converting the sugars and fatty acids into fat. Juice cleanses very low in calories and fat. This means there will be no conversion of excess sugars to fats. You will lose weight in the long run as the body will burn the existing fats to produce energy. If you want to lose weight, juice cleanses are the best way to do it since they are devoid of calories.

Potential risks

Fluctuating blood sugar

Fruits contain natural sugars called fructose. If you get into a habit of consuming excess amounts of juice cleanses, your blood sugar will be varying. This is not good for your health. An increase in blood sugar will trigger the release of insulin. Large amounts of insulin will have some effects like dizziness, headache, and shaking. This is very dangerous for people with diabetes. Juicing limits the amount of fiber in the juice cleanse; fiber plays a pivotal role in reducing blood sugar.

Depletion of body water

Most of you are wondering if I typed the subheading correctly. Yes, I did. Most juice cleanses deplete your body water. This is by increased urination, and this feature is very dangerous as it leads to Hyponatremia. A condition caused by low levels of sodium in the blood. This condition causes seizures in the long run.


To reap the maximum benefits of a juice cleanse, consume in moderation. The potential risks are brought about if consumed in excess. Otherwise, juice cleanses are a healthy option to stay healthy and lose excess weight. Ditch the conventional drugs or products and opt for a juice cleanse.